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see you back here tomorrow. ♪ lou: president, today tried to dismiss problems that continue to play the obamacare website. but the reality is, the website still is not working as it should. the obama administration still will not tell us how many people have successfully rolled and purchased obamacare insurance. we will have considerably more comment on those circumstances here tonight. i'm "lou dobbs tonight". ♪ good evening. the president today defiantly declared that obamacare is here to stay. regardless of the failures during a sometimes rambling and
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at times contradictory speech that included shots of republicans who were opposing obamacare. >> we have learned not to make wild promises about how perfectly smooth it is going to be an all times. do not let the initial problems with the website discourage you. we are going to keep on working to fix whatever problems, the mahler ever comes up we will fi and the reader never peeling as long as i'm president. the statements -- lou: the statements come after announcing that the administration had met their own self-imposed deadline of november 30th to have the website problems fixed. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry is at the white house tonight with our report. >> the bottom line is this law is working and will work into the future. >> a defiant president obama tried to change the rollout. as he unveiled yet another sales
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pitch that republicans are still just not buyin. >> the white house wants to claim that health care is now working. we know that obamacare is plagued with problems. and every american deserves relief from it. >> relief is also needed for congressional democrats whoho ae nervously watching their poll numbers sank ahead of 2014 while the president's own approval ratings plummet. he launched a new political campaign to call republicans up for not offering an alternative to a law that he vows will not be torn down. >> you have good ideas, bring them to me. let's go. but we are not repealing it as long as i am preside. >> with his embattled health and human services secretary, the senior adviser looking on, the president dug-in declaring this is his top second term priority. >> if i have to fight another three years to make sure this law works, and that is where i will do. that is what we will do.
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millions more who stand to be heed. and we have to make sure that they know that. and, you know, i have said very clearly that, you know, our poor execution in the first couple of months on the websiie clouded the fact that there are a whole bunch of people who stand to benefit. >> another attempt by the president to assert the law itself is not the problem. if only his team had better communicated have good that it is and then a better job on the web, all would be fine, even thoughides to senate republican leader mitch mcconnell quickly noted, the president has lost at least a dozen other major public relations blitz is on health care over the past three years. >> just stuck in the same place and have made this pitch before and people are still not buying it. >> the president ran the election. million people showed up on the
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website yesterday. guess what, 380,000 showed up before noon today. >> republicans insist it is just the tip of the iceberg. >> this bill is fundamentally flawed. it is causing people to lose the doctor of their choice, causing em to lose their healthlan. d if that is not enough they're having to pay much higher prices at the same time. >> noting there is not a lot of air cover for the president from congressional democrats who did not have a lot of news conferences to back him up. perhaps nervous politically about touting this health care law, but a white house official just told me it is the first day of a 3-week campaign and they're confident the president will have the support in the end. lou: thank you very much. despite the president's defiance, millions of americans face a fast approaching deadline to avoid a gap in health care coverage. over 5 million individual plans have already been canceled. most with policies that expire at the end of the month and with an obamacare website that is still far from fixed or finished .
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enrolling for new health care itself is an uncertain process yet. fox news chief national correspondent jim angle has our report. the christmas r rush this year will not just be for items to go under the tree. december 203rd is also the new
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>> has not even been built yet civic figure you very much. on wall street today stocks extended losses the s&p down six and the nasdaq fell eight 4/8 but still off the lows a federal judge ruled detroit is eligible for chapter nine bankruptcy protection and the court could cut future payments to thehe pension system as part of the bankruptcy. r carmakers reporting the best sales in six and a half years in sales climbed 9% inmb november.ti much more ahead as vice
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president bided does nothing to ease tension in the south china sea in a blast the territorial claims and the air defense zone and kissinger and schulz lay out the strategy toy stop byo regions march to a nuclear breakout. also the latest math reading and science test scores of u.s. students with the new of american exceptional is somne and we will of the shocking statistics in the chalk talk. we will be right back. >> obama pushes the troubled health care plan. he says the matter how much it stinks it will not bewe repealed. we will talk to our guests who have a diagnosis of their own. next. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you.
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♪ lou: the university of notre dame is refiling its lawsuit challenging the obamacare contraception mandate. that mandate, which is set to go into effect in january would require employers to cover contraception in the benefits that they provide workers. >> suit against that provision last year, but it was deemed premature because the mandate had not been taken effect. on the house judiciary committee today kelly hearing into whether president obama violated the constitution when he unilaterally delayed the obamacare employer mandate for one year. committee chairman bob a lot said about the president, he has changed key provisions in obamacare without congressional approval, failed to enforce our immigration and drug laws and ignored his constitutional
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duties for the sake of politics. >> our first guest says obamacare will eviscerate a robust and helpful system prevails want to make sure that congress does not rest until it has defunded, delayed, repealed, and replaced this monstrosity. joining us, the authors of the recently released e-book not what the doctors ordered. this sickening impact of obamacare. joining us now, congressman paul brown to serve as a medical officer in the u.s. navy and has practiced general medicine for most of his career and is, of course, now i congressman. president and citizens united foundation. good to have you both here. the president, congressman, makes it clear. he understands there have been a few little problems to nobody is not going to put up with anybody repealing abortion aside. your reaction?
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>> the problem is obamacare in itself. all of the things that you just mentioned and are just a reflection, just symptoms of a law that is totally flawed. we must repeal it, replace it. and there are solutions. in fact to my patient option act would put patients and not charge of their own health care decisions. they can keep their doctor. a mom who has a sick child can go to the doctor and she and the doctor could decide what kind of treaent that that child, sick child needs to have. also, mom, take caref her sick mother and father, elderly parents will have the peace of mind that she will know that her parents can get good, quality health care but obamacare is destroying the quality of health care. we already see that it is hurting our economy, job creation yearn georgia as well as across the nation. in fact, i had one employee with over 200 full-time employees
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tell me that he was going to let them all go and hire part-time employees just because of obamacare. seeking to avoid having to pay for obamacare. this new the book, not what the doctors order. paul brown, john flemming, andy harris, among other congressman joining in this effort. the sickening impact of obamare. right now i think that the nation would fairly stipulate that obamacare does not work, and most people don't like it. poll after poll validates that view. what is going to be command we just heard congressman brown talk about bly introduced four ars ago. people not able to keep their own doctors is the president promised.
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and being teeseven coming to the understanding that they may not be able to keep their doctor. wait until the true ramifications. doctor shortages, shortages in care. the problems. look. there are fewer students going into medical school today, salaries for doctors are down. doctors are leaving the medical field. we have a problem after problem that is not even being looked at by the american people because they are so focused on a website. i think congressman brown, congressman fleming in paris all see that this thing needs to be torn down and start over. all of us agree that health care is an important issue, and their need to be fixes made, but not by tearing the entire thing down. >> absolutely. let me tell you, the employer
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provided health insurance issue will fall very shortly because we alreadyee -- see from geora employers that i talked to are going to stop providing heth insurance for therein pleased because they cannot afford the increased premiums. in fact, just in georgia it is estimated that insurance premiums are going to go up by 92%. it has been said that 400,000 georgians could lose their individual policy. people will not be able to keep their doctor. in fact, we are already seeing doctors thrown off of the panels that are there. lou: finly -- >> people and not going to be a will to keep their doctor, private insurance, not going to be able to afford to pay for the insurance that is provided through obamacare. must be repealed and replaced with something like my patient option act. cannot be fixed. lou: so says congressman brown.
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so says david bossy, and i understand basically the republican party on capitol hill but right now there are two aspects of this that we are looking at that are creating some problems for the republicans, for the democrats certainly and for the nation more importantly. and at is that this ratio, 9-7, 9 million people signing up for medicaid, that was the projected number. 7 million people for obamacare, and a significant number of that seven, the so-called invincible sue would be young and healthy and you would be paying much higher premiums than otherwise in order to support i'm healthy, older americans. and we are watching this model be torn to pieces. we are also looking at the prospect of $17 trillion in addional unfunded liabilities as a result of the excess numbers moving into medicaid.
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what is next year and what are the republican solution is? >> we know that there is problem when the new york times said mets that there is problem. look. when the biggest cheerleader for obamacare comes out and says, look, 9 million people in only states have already signed up to medicaid, this is a huge financial burden, a huge problem that is going to blow our budgets and our deficit apart. that is what the american people are looking at command that is why, you know -- lou: they are not looking at that, if i may. you know, they may, as they read your book, as they listen to dr. brown and his colleague, but the reality is, they're looking at a train wreck. thexpression was ud to describe the website. it is so monumentay massively more than that that it is incomprehensible. the number.
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$17 trillion. 9 million people added to the medicaid rolls. we are looking at an explosion of entitlements and debt and possibly devastation to the deficit and to the country if we don't get in charge of it. >> you are absolutely -- >> this president seems to have no sense of what to do. i will give you the last word here congressman, but it sms the republicans don't have the answers either. >> you are absolutely correct. it is monumental. needto be totally ripped out by the roots and replaced with something such as my patient option act. we do have some republicans and democrats that wants to fix it. in fact to my colleague from georgia wants to fix it. it is not fixable. we have got to get rid of obamacare because of all the things you're saying. people are going to lose there
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doctors. in fact, they're going to lose their insurance. the promises made by this president artotally false. he is delusional if he thinks that people are going like obacare. i have the plan, the patient option act, and i am going to contin to try to get it passed into law. the american people can get it passed into law by demanding it from they're elected representatives. lou: thank you so much for being here. congressman paul brown. david bossy, the head of citizens united. the e-book is not what the doctors ordered, the sickening imct obamacare. you can get that for free going to citizens united. congratulations is in order for some of my fox news colleagues, speaking of books. three of the top four officers in this week's new york times bestsellers list, hard-cover nonfiction. fox news stars. things that matter. on the top of t list. bill o'reilly is killing jesus second. brian -- brian cal means george
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♪ lou: us take a look at global hot spots tonight. vice president biden today's in asia deeply concern with the
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attempt to unilateralllly change the status quo in the east china sea spirit is action as raise reasonable tensions and increase the risk of accidents and miscalculation. lou: the vice president stopped short of demanding that china wouldraw that declaration and that identification zone. in the ukraine tens of thousands of demonstrators that rejection of the european union trade pact which would move the country far closer to europe rather than maintain the status quo, which is a very close tie, indeed, to prudence russia. a major shake-up in north korean government, south korn spy agency now believes the leader may have fired his uncle.
10:27 pm
some of the ssc is have been publicly executed. he continues to push congress to not pass the sanctions against iran riding in their op ed. iranian contac that was previously condemned as illegal and illegitimate has effectively been recognized as a baseline, to including ancceptance of the iranian continued in richmond of uranium. in these circumstances a major americanegotiating leverage that threatened reimposition and strengthening of sanctns wrist losing its edge. kissinger and schulz also called
10:28 pm
for the dismantlement of the iranian nuclear ever structure and a final deal. joining us now, a pulitzer prize-nning journalistnd a box is contributor judith miller, fox news middle east and rrorism analyst dr. wally paris and a good to have you both here. first, your thoughts on shelves and kissinger and their views, the geopolitical realities and the impact of this negotiation. >> they have a major point here, and they are both seasoned politicians and observers of international relations. there is nothing massive that has changed inside iran that would convince them or a government that they are heading toward disarming or dismantling the nuclear program regardless of details. so the intention being there. with the secretaries are tryin to say year is that we moved unnecessarily ahead of time to convince the iranians of
10:29 pm
something they are not convinced about spirit and to add to their point, every opposition movement inside the country's where the iranian regime has an impact are telling us that we don't believe that they will stop the bill them of new long-term or even medium-term or that they're changing policy parisee secretaries have a point that has been corroborated by the opposition on the inside. lou: an elegant and customarily i sometimes express things. shultz and kissinger basically said the obama administration has been played for a damn fool by the iranians and that this is a bit of a fool's errand to try to follow along on this phased approach and negotiate and to the iranian nlear weapons ambitions. >> i think i would take a slightly kinder interpretation of what they said. i believe that they said and wrote that this six months was a
10:30 pm
crucial test to of the iranian willingness to disarm its nuclear infrastructure. andhat think that i read that very important editorial as an endorsement of that test and also the two gentlemen who sit in the know about strategy and know about the nuclear ambitions and capabilities and say that this could lead to even more broad areas of cooperation. lou: what you read was an endorsement of an approach and strategy. is that what you just said? >> no, i read it as a list of risks and potential benefits. lou: did you read as to adults highly intelligent reminding some adolescents who are not necessarily intelgence or informed well on their nation's interest to be damned careful because they are taking an adventuress route. did you sense any of that? >> sensed a certain morning.
10:31 pm
i sensed an effort to establish a baseline that i how to judge a successful agreement. i thi that they see -- lou: bloody hell. we have people who don't know how to judge success in don't understand the metrics, help me out here. if that is the problem in our state department then what are we to do? >> look, the two secretaries belong to a school known as realism. every ofessor knows that wch means they take into consideration the move by our administration command and they say their is a test. is this an endorsement? i am not sure. the criticism i am not sure as well. to be descriptive and say you need to wait for the iranians to respond. if they do it is good, if they don't is bad. my point is they're not taking into consideration the fact that there is an iranian society. change the regime cannot to work with the regime that has not decided to change.
10:32 pm
this is not even the equivalent of nikita khrushchev. there is nothing that is change in my view. >> i don't think we know that yet. this is a test. see where we are in six months. lou: we just had a discussion. andd the name of israel was not in this administration. we assume that this is the only place where it was amended. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. and stay with us. a house oversight committee to my new impedenta they're targeting investigation, and it is another government agency. we will sort that out. here next. stay with us. ♪ students across the country don't offer much hope for another generation of american exceptional as an. the shocking numbers in tonight's "chalk talk."@
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♪ lou: would never president obama is, he is not our education president. here are the dismal results of the organization for economic cooperation and development global test. the mouthful. fifteen euros in countries and large economies. in mathematics there is no surprise. singapore, hong kong, taiwan, south korea. yes. here we are. we are 26 on this list. thirty-four jurisdictions. in been reading a little bit of an improvement, shanghai, here we go again, ranking first followed by hong kong, singapore, south korea. the united states, a little better there.
10:37 pm
that is pretty good. it puts us in the middle. shanghai ranks first followed by sean -- hong kong. singapore and japan in science. the united states is better at science that we are math. anyway. the fact of the matter is we are 21st. there is no good news. i was trying to think away to makehat -- make you feel better about that, but it is not going to happen. hard to believe that american exception was and continues into the next generation with test results like these raising the question, does it? joining us now, a veteran political consultant, national rereview columnist, fox is legal analyst. we look at these numbers, and this is a count where we are now in the fifth year of his presidency. and thi is a man it talked about education. for all amerans, and this is what we are looking at. your reaction. >> an education president.
10:38 pm
that is how he portrayed himself from the very beginning. lou: ateast compared to john mccain. >> endo we always tell our kids, one in college and one on the way to my education is big-ticket in this country. education is your ticket to prosperity and happiness. completely discouraging. >> we look on the way this administration has performed. the way the bureaucracy. and let's look at it as a bipartisan manner, the fact is medicaid and medicare centers cannot carry at the mission. they do not have the expertise to build a website for crying out loud and still took on the responsibility. we have a dysfunctional government and dysfunctional political. > and is not as if we are not spending more on education. we are piling billions more than we have in the past. the biggest difference between when i wen to high school and today is i speak of love i
10:39 pm
schools. we used to spend more time on math, reading, science. a lot of environmental issues, learni the history of gay people, which is fine, but priorities, priorities. so at some point this is the core and we are losing sight of it, taking all right off the wall. lou: reading, writing, arithmetic. science and mathematics. we are crying out. by the way, one of those guys over the course of my career as eddy a virginities spend a lot of time in as close around the country. one of the things i found is that going into the school and looking at that the traffic case i don't see trophies for science , readi, writing, exposion, mathematics.
10:40 pm
ho -- >> not incentivize your children too things they're supposed to do. this incentivizing them in this -- >> that is glaringly obvious. your coming right back with the "a-team." join the debate atome. take a minute to check u out. minstar facebook page, twitter account. in-house up next, the house oversight committee accusing one government agency of stonewalling for another that has been stonewalling in the irs starting scandal. we will have that for you next.
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lou: the fbi and the internal
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revenue service. >>he reason they're asking about these documents is the general counsel is the political appointee of. >> talking about the general counsel of the internal revenue service. >> it's a great thing. this is important.
10:46 pm
conceivably it could have gone to the white house as well. that is their real - lou: that is also one of the charges. >> the same thing that was one of the articles of impeachment against nixon. he tried to use the ira's to punish political enemies. he cannot remember anything obviously that is the best way to conduct a cover-up. lou: i don't know that it is an enemies list and the white house, but it does look like a pretty sophisticated list of political opposition, individuals and groups. >> it certainly does. appearance and politics is often more important than the street and the facts. the appearance is that this was a coordinated effort to silence people who did not agree with the administration. he refused to tell there side of the story to congressional investigators have every right to know. >> why are we shocked? fast and furious, fast and furious, fast and furious. >> the expression, the justice department. it is surveillance and intrusion
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into the files. the associated press. now our agenda seems to be the
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progressive claims. this is flo.
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♪ lou: investigators now say the engineer who drove that new york city passenger train that derailed over the weekend may ha
10:52 pm
from the entire year. about three times what it has been back in 2008 and what was special about september? federal agencies often try to spend what is left in their budget before the fiscal year is up, which is at the end of september. well, researchers and a wife discovered a huge japanese submarine that the united states sought back in 1946 to keep its advanced technology at the hands the soviet union. the world war ii era sub could travel one-and-a-half times around the world without refueling.
10:53 pm
imagine. well, a new book takes a fascinating look into the role of stalin in the cold war, his manipulation of the western allies in order to spread communism and extend his red empire. joining us now, floridastate history professor rollup -- robert daly, the author of this book, stalin's curse, battling forommunism and war in cold war, and it is now available in paperback. professor, is great to have you here. this is a fascinating book. we recommended highly to our viewers. the idea that somehow it was the west's fault, particularly the united states in causing the cold war, you reject,epudiate and refute. w is it that it is even necessary after all of this time? >> well, par was the documentation was not there and you could not read back your
10:54 pm
opinion. another reason was, i think, that people found it very convenient to blame stalin -- to buy in the united states for the cold war. and once the story get going then it sort of took off. the marshall plan and things like that the go into in the book, these were all blamed as being part of american imperialism. this would have been committed to say very quickly after th second world war. most historical understanding in the estates.
10:55 pm
lou: you also make it very clear that the rejection by stalin and the easte european countries that were part of the soviet bloc, you make it very clear that that was a calculated choice by stalin, that that included rooselt and other leaders. >> estimate is true. you seek another reason i believe that roosevelt and churchill failed to really grasp the full enormity of what stalin was up to was that they were grateful that stalin and the soviet union were carrying the burden of the war. the united states got involved little and late. the soviet union lost millions, you know, 26 millioneople. it is a staggerg number beyond comprehension. very graceful and anxious therefore to not look too closely at stalin and his motivations. but stalin from the time of the russian evolution in 1917, he
10:56 pm
said we will have socialism and one country. well, it turned out that what they're really said was we will take one step back. when things are not going well, take a great leap forward. a great leap forward had never left his mind. always a communist revolutionary first and foremost. he lived like one. when the war came it was stalin who said, you know what, hitler without realizing it is a revolutionary. he ieliminating all of these countries, governments across. we are going to take over, and this will provide us with a chance to renew the mission or to advance communism in the world that we had to put on hold. of course, results at churchill, they wanted desperately to believe that stalin had good motives. indeed. lou: robert, there is a reason that we are doing this. we want people to buy your book. we're going to be part of the story well and wristlet told.
10:57 pm
thank you for being with us. the book is on sale online at bookstores everywhere. you will love reading this book. thank you for being with us. that's it for us. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "fumbling around with rotating categories" card. it's not the etting blindsided by limits" card. it's the no-game-playing, no-earning-limit-having, deep-bomb-throwing, give-me-the-ball-and-i'll-take- it-to-the-house, cash back card. is is the quicksilver cash card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every single day. so let me ask you... at's in your wallet? every day we're working to and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invted over $55 billion here in the last five years -
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making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger.
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be one so, you had with a? relax, at the way we are going, they might become a thing of the past. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and i suspect this is a funeral at which you will weep and view will show up. u.s. banks at a record low. "the wall street journal" shows that the number of u.s. bank has dwindled since the great depression. more
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